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Throwing eggs may seem like a harmless Halloween prank to most kids but if a car is the target of an egg, it’s far from harmless fun for the car’s owner. So how to minimise damage to your egged car. Often the egg throwing happens under the cover of darkness so the car’s owner doesn’t.
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Roses are red, violets are blue, and What Scratch have the perfect gift to give for you !!
Thats right Valentines day is upon us once more ! are you ready for it ? ...How about giving your loved one's car a big piece of love and attention by getting What Scratch? to take it from Ruff.
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What Scratch? Presents its mobile SSR solution

What Scratch Presents its mobile SSR solution to both the Trade and commercial sector and the private sector.

What Scratch? specialise in mobile car paint repair services. If it’s cosmetic chips and scratches on your car, a boat or vehicle that needs a buff.

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