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How far can you see at night?

Just how far can you see at night?...My wife and I do a lot of night driving on country roads, as the majority of her family live in rural areas. On a recent trip, I noticed a car in the rear vision mirror that appeared to be.
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How to Make Footprints in the Sand

Like many in this great nation I love a good bit of off-roading and really enjoy taking family and friends on 4x4 adventures. One of our favourite trips is to hit the beach, and head on up to Fraser Island, or a trip to Double Island Point.
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How to prepare for a road trip

Working in the automotive industry, I often find that I am the “go to guy” for my friends when they have a question on anything motoring and how to prepare for a road trip is a common ask.One of my friends is embarking on a road trip.
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