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How to protect your car from the sun.

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun and so we should also learn how to protect your car from the sun. The famous Australian anti-cancer advertising campaign of slip, slop, slap which encouraged us to slip on a shirt,.
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How far can you see at night?

Just how far can you see at night?...My wife and I do a lot of night driving on country roads, as the majority of her family live in rural areas. On a recent trip, I noticed a car in the rear vision mirror that appeared to be.
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How to Make Footprints in the Sand

Like many in this great nation I love a good bit of off-roading and really enjoy taking family and friends on 4x4 adventures. One of our favourite trips is to hit the beach, and head on up to Fraser Island, or a trip to Double Island Point.
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