Cut & Polish

Cut and Polish Car Paint Scratches in Australia

What Scratch? provides a professional cut & polish car paint & scratch restoration service which restores the gloss and repairs the scratches and swirls that appear in car paintwork.

The What Scratch? system ensures the fussiest car enthusiast is “Wowed!” by the results of our cut & polish car paint & scratch restoration service, the car reseller achieves the highest resale price and the everyday car owner can keep their car looking as good as new.

What Scratch?’s cut & polish car paint & scratch restoration service is often used to fix the results of previous applications where the result has left obvious swirl marks, minor scratches, scouring marks and unprofessional touch-ups which not only look terrible but also devalue the car.

A What Scratch? system can repair the following defects:

  • Dull or UV faded paint
  • Hologram swirl marks
  • Faded yellowed headlights
  • Bore water stains
  • Scuff marks
  • Bird and animal dropping stains
  • Overspray
  • Industrial contaminants (oxidation)

Our professional technicians use only high end car polish products from the US and Europe for our cut & polish car paint & scratch restoration services.

The What Scratch?’s system is also ideal for boats, trucks, motorbikes, buses and caravans.

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Our mobile technicians are available through-out the following & Surrounding areas: Wangara, Victoria Park, South West WA, Perth, Perth CBD, Rockingham, Perth South East, Sydney South and greater Sydney, Penrith, Osborne Park, Maddington, Central Coast, Cardiff, Campbell Town, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

ServiceChip & Scratch RepairsCut & Polish 
Cost plus GSTFrom $100$200-$500+* 
Time without Vehicle1-2 hours3-5 hours 
LastsPermanent8-16 weeks 

*NB These prices relate to a whole car, single panel job quotes will be cheaper.


+What is the difference between cut & polish and clear coat restore services?
Some vehicles have compromised clear coats that will not buff up well and would benefit from the application of a clear coat product. Every vehicle is different and your technician is trained to explain the expected outcome of either service. A cut and polish is ideal for cars that have not had excessive machine buffing previously and for particular colours that fair better in the sun. Reds for example may look amazing initially after a cut and polish but fade again within months. This is fine for the car seller but if you are holding on to your car, you may be seeking a more permanent, high gloss shine which is achieved by our clear coat restoration. Newer vehicle owners with paintwork in reasonable condition will find that our cut and polish services will give them a cost effective desired result.
+Will you be able to match my car’s paintwork?
Yes we carry an extensive range of paint colours for all makes and models of Australian cars.
+Will swirls be visible after a buff & polish?
No our technicians use random orbital buffing machines with high end, low dusting swirl free compounds from Europe.
+Can you repair dents?
No it is best to get minor dents repaired by a mobile paintless dent remover or panel shop and then contact us to repair any residual paint defects.
+Can I get a firm quote?
For scratch repairs we can generally give you an accurate price range to do the job (particularly if we have a photo). If you would like a firm quote our technicians are happy to come out to take a look at the car. All our quotes are free with no obligation. Written quotes for insurance purposes are also available on request.
+Are your technicians all professionally trained?
Yes What Scratch? technicians have all undergone rigorous training by the Franchisors who have over 50 years’ experience in the industry.
+What is the difference between What Scratch? and a cheaper buffing service?
You get what you pay for. Low paid detailers don’t have the training or attention to detail (ie masking up mouldings and surrounds) to ensure your car isn’t at risk of further damage. This combined with poor quality products often results in an inferior outcome. Many of our customers have told us that they have used these detailers and when their paintwork has been damaged, there was no recourse and they had no choice but to take their car to a professional for restoration.
+How long will I be without the car?
From 2 hours for a small white car to 5 hours for a large dark colour vehicle.
+Do you need access to electricity and water?
We need access to electricity but we carry lengthy extension cords. We do need to be able to access a tap for a bucket of water.
+Does the car need to be under cover?
We can’t operate without cover when it’s raining and shelter is best in hot conditions to ensure the panels don’t overheat (especially if the car is dark coloured).