Five Main Reasons to Protect Your Vehicles Paint

  1. Prevention Over Cure

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure! This rule most definitely applies to protecting your cars’ paint from scratches. Applying a layer of paint protection is a great way to prevent scratches on your car as well as protecting it from abrasive elements such as stones, dirt and sand.

  1. Keep Your Car Looking Shiny & New

Paint protection services include waxing which not only protects your paint, it keeps your car looking shiny and new for months, avoids dust build up and enhances the colour of the paint.

  1. Sun Protection

Australia is known for is unforgiving climate and harsh sun. Did you know the UV rays from the sun can really do some damage to your cars’ paint? Over time, the sun beating down on your car will cause the paint to fade and make what was once a vibrant colour, dull and lifeless. Paint protection acts almost like a sunscreen for your car, protecting it from UV damage.

  1. Reduce the Need to Polish

Most car enthusiasts wax their car every few months but applying a coat of paint protection means you may not need to polish, at least for a while. This reduces time and money spent on maintenance.

  1. Increase Value

When you paint protect your car, you prevent scratches and keep the paint in top condition for longer which is a great way to maintain the value of your car.

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