Five Ways You Are Damaging Your Car’s Paint

  1. Using a Self-Serve Car Wash

You may believe you are doing the right thing by your car when using a self-serve car wash, however, often they can do more harm than good. The high-pressure water can cause ‘swirl marks’ on your car by pushing the dirt along your paint, and the recycled water that is usedis often full of microparticles and dirt that can damage your car.

  1. Carelessly Removing Ice & Snow

Ice and snow don’t actually damage your car, but rather the act of pushing or sliding it off can. Ice and snow can be sharp and abrasive, scratching your car’s paint if you’re not careful when removing it. The best way to remove it is by gently lifting it off with your hands or using warm water to melt it down.

  1. Leaving Bird Poop on Your Car

If you thought the only issue with bird poop is how unappealing it looks on your car… you would be wrong! Bird poop contains acidic elements which can slowly eat away your paint, from the clear coat right down to the metal. It may also contain small stones that can scratch your paint, so bird poop is best removed quickly but gently.

  1. Parking Next to Freeways or Train Lines

Have you ever noticed tiny little rust marks on your car? This is known as ‘rail dust’ and is caused by microparticles of metal that come from busy freeways, industrial sites or railways. Parking close to these areas increases rail dust damage.

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