Four Reasons to Have Your Vehicle’s Headlamps Restored

Your vehicles headlamps are essential for lighting up the road on a night time drive but over time they can get a build-up of dirt and grime that can distort the lights and, in turn, your view of the road. Exposure to the weather and the harsh Australian sun can also cause your headlamps to fade. Here’s some reasons why you should have your headlamps cleaned and restored.


The major reason for having clear headlamps is for your and your passenger’s safety. If you don’t have a clear view of the road when driving at night or in the rain then this can potentially cause accidents. Get them cleaned to give yourself a clear view of the road and keep you and your passengers safe.


Due to safety issues of having distorted and dirty headlamps, it can cause your vehicle to actually be deemed unroadworthy. If your vehicle is checked and found to be unroadworthy because the headlamps are not sufficiently illuminating the road, then you might find yourself without a car for some time! Don’t take the risk.

Maintain Resale Value

Having clear, polished headlamps improves the look of your car and buyers love a vehicle that is clearly well-maintained. This improves the resale value of your car and adds overall value to the vehicle. It also makes it look great too!

Cheaper than Replacement

The price you’ll pay to have your headlamps cleaned and restored is a far cry cheaper than the cost you’ll be looking at if you leave the clean too long and end up with damaged headlamps. You’ll need to get new ones fitted, which can be quite costly. Save yourself money in the long-term by maintaining the headlamps you already have.

Where to Get Your Headlamps Cleaned?

Now you realize the importance of maintaining clean and clear headlamps to illuminate the road, where do you go to get it done? What Scratch? offer a mobile headlamp restoration service, so we‘ll come to you! Our mobile technicians are available through-out Perth, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Call us today!

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