Four Steps to Fix and Repair 4WD Bush Scratches

4WDing is a blast. The only way to avoid bush scratches on a 4WD, however, is to never take it off-road. Especially in the bush, scratches are a part and parcel of 4WDing. You may know the track and think that you have a clear run – however, fallen branches and forest growth have a high probability of appearing quickly on even the most beaten track.

Minor vehicle damage is to be expected when you drive off-road. That being said, we can cut and polish car scratches to have your vehicle looking great again, and also organize car paint protection to minimize the impact of trees and native vegetation when you drive in the bush.

Car Paint Protection

We can apply car paint protection to your 4WD before you go off-road to minimize the effects of any tree and branch scratches. Car paint protection will help to minimize scratches, however, it won’t stop them altogether.

At What Scratch? we use a high-quality wax which causes the sticks to slide so that they won’t scrape against your car as much. A dirty or dusty car will always scratch more easily than one which has been cleaned. 

Car Scratch Repairs

What Scratch? organize car scratch repairs to return your car to the condition that it was in before the scratches occurred.

Cut and Polish Car Scratches

We repair and cut and polish your car scratches to bring your car to a glossy shine.

Mobile Service

Our mobile service means that you can get on with your day while we work on the paintwork of your 4WD. For your convenience, we come to you at your work or home, and you can generally have your car back again in an hour or two.

When you have a 4WD, getting your car muddy, stuck and scratched is all part of the fun. Whether you wish to organize car paint protection to help minimize damage, fix bush scratches and paint damage after a trip, or prepare for resale of your vehicle we can help. Contact us at What Scratch? for a quote today.

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