Headlamp Restoration

Auto Headlight & Headlamp Restoration Services

Many cars need headlamp and headlight restoration at some point as the clarity and brightness of your headlamps are a key safety feature of your vehicle and could possibly save your life. Unfortunately, the sun, weather, dust and grime can have a detrimental effect on their ability to light up the road before them. Over time, headlamps can become faded and yellow, resulting in poor illumination, and actually rendering your vehicle unroadworthy.

At What Scratch we provide a cost-effective alternative to replacement with our vehcile headlight restoration service in Brisbane or Sydney. Our highly trained technicians are able to restore your headlamps clarity and making them bright and luminous for a fraction of the cost and time to replace. Through state-of-the-art products and processes, our mobile repair technicians can come to your home and workplace, and restore your headlights to be bright and clear again.

Please call our 1300 283 333 telephone line and we will be happy to discuss any auto headlamp restoration service in Brisbane or Sydney, car paintwork repairs and advise you on the best course of action to achieve your expected result. What Scratch? is happy to provide no obligation quotes via the phone or in person if we need to view the car. Alternatively please complete the online enquiry form via the link on our home page and a technician will be in touch very soon

Our mobile technicians are available throughout the following & Surrounding areas: Wangara, Victoria Park, South West WA, Perth, Perth CBD, Rockingham, Perth South East, Sydney South and greater Sydney, Penrith, Osborne Park, Maddington, Central Coast, Cardiff, Campbell Town, Melbourne Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.