How far can you see at night?

How far can you see at night?

Just how far can you see at night?…My wife and I do a lot of night driving on country roads, as the majority of her family live in rural areas. On a recent trip, I noticed a car in the rear vision mirror that appeared to be driving with their parking lights on. I tend to stick to the speed limit when I’m driving, not just because I like to drive safely, but I have also been incentivised by our enforcement agencies who have handed me a couple of fines. Sticking to the speed limit in the country, you are regularly overtaken.

I noticed that the car driving with the parking lights on, actually had their headlights on, but they were faded and opaque. As a result, they only had a few metres of visibility in front of them. This is quite common, as the sun, road grime and the weather takes a toll on headlamps and deteriorate their UV coating, resulting in fading. Most people do not know that not only do worn or cloudy headlights look bad, but they also reduce light output by as much as 95 percent. That is a huge difference in whether you can effectively see or be seen when driving at night.

Now this may not seem that important if you are driving on city streets, but when you are travelling 100km’s plus on a country road, it can be damn dangerous. A great thing about the Australian bush is wildlife that roams free. This is great if you are walking in the bush, but if you are driving at a high speed and a kangaroo or wallaby jumps out, it is a totally different matter, actually it can be fatal. Reducing the distance that you can see up the road can mean the difference between hitting or avoiding debris or wildlife on the road. It may mean avoiding a fatal accident.

A way that you can reduce your risk, is to have bright and clear headlamps that provide great visibility on the roads at night. Whilst it won’t guarantee you won’t have an accident, it will dramatically improve being seen and seeing on the road. Bright and clear headlamps will also improve the look of your vehicle, and ensure that your headlights meet roadworthy requirements. Fortunately, you do not have to replace the headlamps to get the result. Our trained technicians can restore your headlamps and can improve the visibility to near new condition.

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