How to Clean Your Car Without Causing Scratches

As car owners, we always want to avoid scratches and dints on our vehicles but sometimes, even when we do our best to avoid them, they still show up. Here are some tips for cleaning your car without causing scratches.

Avoid Automatic Car Washes

Automatic car washes may seem like they a helpful, simple solution to cleaning your car but unfortunately, they often cause scratches. The synthetic brushes pick up dirt, sand and other debris from vehicles that have previously been washed which are then spun against your car. As you can imagine, this is not ideal for your paint work!

Don’t Pressure Wash a Very Dirty Car

Pressure washing is part of most people’s DIY cleaning process and while pressure washing is good in some cases, if your car is really dirty (covered in mud, sand or dirt), pressure washing can cause the debris to shoot across your paint creating lots of little micro scratches. It’s best to use a low-pressure hose and a sponge to remove the debris first before pressure washing.

Change Your Bucket Water When Hand Washing

Gently and washing your car is the best way to avoid scratches however, if you’re not careful, you can still do some damage. The most common way this happens is when using a sponge and bucket, you accidentally pick up the debris you have just washed off your car that’s floating around in the bottom of your bucket and proceed to scrub the car with it. Change your water regularly to avoid this.

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