How Will Your Car Benefit from a Cut & Polish?

Cutting and polishing is a top priority for many car enthusiasts, you know, the ones who really love their cars. But for the everyday car owner, it’s something that’s often neglected. Here’s why it’s so important to keep on top of cutting and polishing your car.

Protection from Our Harsh Climate

Contrary to popular belief, cutting and polishing your car isn’t just about its appearance, it’s also about protecting your paint from Australia’s sometimes harsh and unforgiving climate. Wind, rain, hail, snow and even UV rays can damage your paint, leaving it looking dull and lifeless. Giving it a cut and polish protects the paint and leaves it looking shiny and clean.

Long-Term Maintenance

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how careful you are not to damage your cars’ paint, over time it ends up losing its shine and tiny scratches and swirl marks appear- seemingly out of nowhere! Even cleaning your car can damage it. Cutting and polishing your car regularly is one of the best ways to keep it looking brand new even 10-15 years down the track!

Remove Surface Scratches

The polishing process is a really effective way to remove those annoying little surface scratches that show up. It also removes oxidisation/fading which prevents more serious damage from occurring, such as rust and corrosion.


This is the most obvious benefit of giving your car a cut and polish… it simply looks better! If you’re wanting to breathe new life into your car, make it look as good as the day you purchased it or make it more attractive to potential buyers, there simply is no better way than a professional cut and polish.

For a mobile cut and polish, vehicle paint restoration and scratch removal services, contact the experts at What Scratch? today on 1300 283 333.

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