“I recently managed to scratch the new family car against a large blue concrete pillar at the local shopping centre. After recovering from the trauma of damaging a car I had only had for six weeks I called What Scratch? upon my friend’s recommendation. The service I received was exceptional, efficient and above all up-front and honest. What Scratch? assessed the damage, explained clearly to me what he could and couldn’t do and gave me a very reasonable price for the repairs. In no time all noticeable signs of what was a heart breaking series of deep scratches on a brand new car door were gone. What I liked most about the service I received was friendly and honest in what he told me about the damage. He explained about the different paint thickness for the various makes and the difference the paint colour made to how effective the repairs would be. Overall, I was very happy with the work and feel I can trust the work that has been done, something I would rarely say about the car repair industry.” – Larrisa, Edgewater

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