Clear Coat*

Dull scratched paintwork and clear coat can make a car look older than it is disappointing car owners that take pride in their vehicle as well as affecting the resale value.

For cars with poor condition paint ie severe swirl marks, compromised clear coat and badly faded colour, a cut and polish will only provide a relatively short term visual improvement. A customer may be happy to proceed with a cut and polish on a badly damaged duco if they are intending to sell the car however for a discerning car owner wanting a permanent mirror finish, a clear coat restoration is ideal.

New technology to Australia has revolutionized car clear coat paint restoration. Hand applied by What Scratch? technicians, the chemical adhering clear coat restoration products self-level and cure to an even, perfectly consistent finish.

Restoration products permanently repair the damage and will return your car back to a deep lustre factory condition with a lifetime guarantee not to flake, peel, crack or delaminate.

For that ‘look at me’ showroom shine, a clear coat restoration cannot be beaten by traditional car detailing methods or products.

In summary, clear coat restoration offers the following:

  • A low cost alternative to re-painting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Permanently repairs weathering and oxidisation
  • Factory quality condition
  • Increased resale value
  • Deep lustre
  • Unparalleled technology
  • Reverse signs of fading and damage
  • Pride in vehicle restored

Please call our 1300 BUFFED (283333) telephone line and we will be happy to discuss any car paintwork repairs and advise you on the best course of action to achieve your expected result. What Scratch? is happy to provide no obligation quotes via the phone or in person if we need to view the car. Alternatively click here and complete the online enquiry form below and a technician will be in touch very soon. If you have any queries, check out our FAQ’s below.

*Not available in all areas please call 1300 283 333 to confirm.


ServiceChip & Scratch RepairsCut & PolishClear Coat Restore
CostFrom $100$200-$500*From $450+
Time without Vehicle1-2 hours3-5 hours3-8+ hours
LastsPermanent8-16 weeksPermanent

*NB These prices relate to a whole car, single panel job quotes will be cheaper.



+Do I need to clean my car before application?
No we clean the car down before we start work.
+Do I need an enclosed space for the technician to apply the products?
Yes it needs to be out of the wind and weather. We can apply the products anywhere in the Perth and Sydney metropolitan area so you can take your car to a friend or family member’s house.
+How long will the job take to do?
The average is 6 hours but the car may need to stay undercover out of the weather overnight.
+How long will I be without my car?
You shouldn’t drive the car for at least 6 hours after application but the ideal is to not drive it until the next day if you can.
+How long does clear coat restoration take to dry?
The clear coat is touch dry within an hour but to be fully cured is three weeks. The car cannot be wet for 24 hours.
+What if my newly treated car gets wet in the rain?
As long as 24 hours have passed since application, your car will be fine.
+What is the difference in the results between a cut and polish and a clear coat restoration?
The results of a cut and polish will last a few months depending on how bad the condition was originally and on how well the duco is maintained after the “all over” treatment. (After Care Kits are available for fastidious owners that want to maintain the newly buffed look).
+What is the difference between paint protection and clear coat restoration?
Clear coat restoration repairs damaged paintwork (usually older cars) while paint protection protects paintwork in excellent condition (newer vehicles).