Stop falling-out with your Car’s paintwork.

Stop falling-out with your Car’s paintwork.

Most people would associate the word ‘fallout’ without a Geiger counter before something to do with a car. But the kind of fallout we find in many metro and some rural areas of Australia isn’t as dangerous to your health but it accelerates the ageing process and leads to a shorter life expectancy for car paintwork. So lets stop falling-out with your Car’s paintwork.

Fallout is fine contaminants in the air caused by heavy industry, building works, rail dust and paint. The fallout settles on cars and without regular washing remain there eating away at the car’s clear coat and paintwork. This shows as a rough, dull surface which doesn’t reflect the light as well as it should.

For cars that reside or park for long periods of time in industrial areas it is best to wash the car regularly to remove that layer of chemicals or particles which may be invisible to the human eye but are silently damaging the car’s surface. However if this is missed and that silent paintwork killer will eventually get grip on your car’s paintwork.

But don’t worry there is a cure !!

What Scratch? have previously been commissioned to remove paint fallout on a whole carpark of employee cars. The building next door was being sprayed painted on a windy day causing particles of paint to settle on cars. The particles were so small that the employees didn’t notice when they left work but one employee’s partner noticed the paint specks covering their new car. The paint company commissioned What Scratch? to remove the fallout from all cars parked there that windy day.

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