What Are the Benefits of Sprayless Scratch Repairs?

Sprayless scratch repair or ‘SSR’ is a patented mix of chemicals and a sandbox base coat that provides a very quick, simple and fuss-free way of removing scratches from a vehicle. This method of scratch repair has grown in popularity due to its many benefits.

Fast Service

Many of our customers choose our sprayless scratch repair service because it’s one of the fastest scratch repair services available! The time it takes will vary, depending on the number of scratches and their severity, but a small scratch can be repaired in as little as 30 seconds!

It Works on All Colours

Whilst some colours will provide better results than others, all colours can be worked on. Darker colours such as blacks, blues and deep reds have some of the best results but there are still great results on lighter colours too.


Because the process is fast and simple, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg! The cost will depend on the scratches you have but rest assured, our prices are always competitive.

There’s Simply No Service Like SSR

What makes sprayless scratch repair so unique is the fact that there is simply no other service like it on the market. There are other ways to repair a scratch, but they usually cost more, take longer and are not as environmentally friendly.

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