Why You Should Get Your Vehicle’s Scratches Repaired Straight Away

Scratches on your car happen for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s car doors being opened onto a hard object, scratches from your trees and garden, bush scratches from taking out your 4WD or scratches caused by the kids getting carried away playing.

Many people leave these minor scratches for ‘another day’ but leaving a scratch can be even more harmful to your paint work. Here’s why you should get your scratches fixed as soon as they occur.

Vehicle’s Value

You may not notice the scratch over time but when you go to sell your car, potential buyers will. Very few people purchase a vehicle and expect to put in money to fix issues, they want a car that’s ready to go. A minor scratch to you may be seen as real exterior damage to a potential buyer and could greatly reduce the value you get for your car.

Paint Corrosion

Your vehicle is not just painted to make it look sleek and nice, although it helps. The paint is actually there to create a barrier between the cars base and the elements your vehicle is exposed to. By leaving a scratch in your paint work you’re exposing the car to the weather and dirt and this is where long-term problems such as rust can occur. That’s why scratches need to be fixed immediately.

Peeling Paint

As your car’s protective coat, the paint on your vehicle is absolutely essential to the health of your car. When scratches are present this can cause the paint on your vehicle to begin peeling, exposing the vehicle’s exterior even further to the elements and potential damage.

What Scratch? Are Scratch Repair Experts

If you’ve experienced a scratch to your vehicle’s paint work, you need to act straight away. What Scratch’s highly trained technicians will repair your car’s scratch and alleviate the possibility of further harm being done to your vehicle. Not to mention maintaining the vehicle’s value in the long-term! Contact What Scratch?on1300 283 333 for a fast and efficient service and we’ll come to you!

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