Yellowed Headlights Ugly and Dangerous

Yellowed_blogEver noticed that older model cars have headlights that don’t have the same intensity of light of their newer model cousins? While manufacturers may have improved the performance of headlights over the years, it is more likely to be the fault of aging polycarbonate headlight covers. With time and sun, the UV protective covering on the headlights breaks down and the headlights take on a yellowed, opaque appearance. This foggy discolouration stops some of the light penetrating through the cover onto the road ahead. These poor quality headlights make night driving in dimly lit areas dangerous.

Many people believe they need to replace yellowed headlights however that’s an unnecessary cost. For a fraction of the price of new headlights, What Scratch? technicians return old headlights to a shiny new-looking condition.

A new product to Australia was introduced to our technicians’ kits several months ago. The results have been amazing with the new product completely stripping off the opaque film and increasing the amount of light emitted. The appearance of the restored headlights has wowed our customers saying the restored headlights make a big difference to the overall look of the car.

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